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Sunday House Asbestos Update

The John Sunday house demolition remains at a standstill as the property’s owners deal with the site’s asbestos issues.
According to Brandy Smith, external affairs manager with the Northwest District of the Florida Department of Environmental Protection, the agency has been in contact with a state-licensed asbestos contractor who “indicated he is in contract negotiations with the owner or operator of the demolition site.” Once those negotiations are complete the demotion will resume, with the contractor ensuring the proper removal and handling of the asbestos-containing debris.
“Hazard tape has been placed around the site to warn anyone attempting to enter the site,” Smith wrote in an email July 26.
She said that the FDEP continues to monitor the site and has “not yet determined what enforcement actions may be taken.”
Demolition work on the property was halted with a July 18 letter of warning from the department after it was alerted to the presence of asbestos. The removal of asbestos from the site requires a permit and the oversight of a licensed asbestos contractor, neither of which were in place.

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