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CHEW on This

by Jeremy Morrison

When CHEW played locally last May, the Atlanta-based band pried open the known universe with a neon crowbar and packed the abyss full of pulsating, pounding, humming goo. On Thursday, they’re set to do it again when they pay another visit to Sluggo’s in downtown Pensacola.

Drummer Sarah “Snare-uh” Wilson describes the band’s sound as “psychedelic,” also noting its draw from various pools of influence and lean toward the heavy.

“I would say our music is definitely on the experimental side,” the drummer said, as the band readied for a Tuesday night performance in Gainesville, Fla. “Some people call our sound progressive.”

Along with Wilson, CHEW consists of bassist Brandon Pittman and guitarist Brett Reagan, who also carries electronics duties. The three musicians are all veterans of the Atlanta music scene and began playing together about a year and a half ago.

CHEW is Brett Reagan, Sarah “Snare-uh” Wilson and Brandon Pittman.

“We’ve just been touring nonstop,” Wilson said. “People seem to be digging it and we’re gonna keep going.”

Currently, the band is on a tour that has them looping the Southeast before heading westward to Texas, Colorado and California. This past year has already been a busy one, with the release of an album — “3D EP” — in May and tours through the summer that saw the band hit the likes of Bonnaroo in Tennessee and Austin, Texas’s South by Southwest festival.

The constant playing has paid off, said Reagan.

“We’re pretty damn tight now, I gotta say,” the guitarist reflects on the band’s growth, describing how the countless hours of playing have paid off and allowed the musicians to explore farther out territory. “A lot of time we have pockets in our music where we just open wide up with improvisation — we can play sets from 45 minutes to four hours.”

CHEW, Sluggo’s, May 2016

Wilson recalled CHEW’s show at Bonnaroo in June. The band went on late in the evening and kept it going all night.

“We ended up playing until sunrise,” she laughed. “We opened it up.”
CHEW plays Sluggo’s Thursday, Sept. 15, staring around 9-ish.

Get a taste for CHEW from the band’s “Bomb Shelter Sessions” recording in Savannah, Ga., earlier this year.


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