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Pensacola Beach Lifeguards Wrapping Busy Season

Soon, the lifeguards working Pensacola Beach will be finishing up another busy season.   The lifeguard towers will be taken down until 2017 and Escambia County will scale back staffing for the winter.

As of Oct. 16, beaches will be serviced primarily by patrol vehicles. The only physical lifeguard presence beyond that time will be on Casino Beach.

Since beginning this year’s season, Pensacola Beach lifeguards have performed 90 rescues in guarded areas and 63 rescues in unguarded areas. According to an Escambia County press release, lifeguards also assisted 415 swimmers who were experiencing “moderate distress.” Lifeguards also made contact with beach goers more than 93,000 times during the season, providing information on such subjects as rip currents and beach-condition flags.

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