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T.T. Wentworth Lightens Up

The T.T. Wentworth, Jr. Florida State Museum will be seeing some upgrades in the form of lighting and projection enhancements. The upgrades are the result of a $125,000 gift from the Fiesta of Five Flags to the University of West Florida Historic Trust, which oversees the museum.

According to a release from the historic trust, the lighting and projection upgrades will help the museum “become the centerpiece of Pensacola’s vibrant, unique and dynamic downtown.” The programmable lighting will be used to highlight the museum building architectural features, while the projection technology will be used to allow Pensacola’s historical figures to be “brought to life.”

Robert Overton, executive director of the UWF Historic Trust, said in a statement that the lighting project is part of the organization’s Interpretive Master Plan. Launched in 2015, the plan details a vision for Historic Pensacola — an 8.5-acre, 29-property complex downtown — through a series of enhancements to provide balance between resource protection, historical education, as well as visitor and recreational use.

“When you look at our total property, we needed to identify a front door,” he said. “The museum is the entry point to Historic Pensacola. The lighting enhancements will highlight the architectural elements of this iconic building and liven up the space at night.”

In a statement, Fiesta of Five Flag Executive Director Adelene Lovelace said the organization was “thrilled” to partner with the historic trust on the lighting project.

“Fiesta’s mission is to celebrate our heritage, promote tourism and build pride in Pensacola,” Lovelace said. “Through our growing partnership, and the dedication of the UWF Historic Trust, this project will help share the rich history of our wonderful city with everyone.”

Overton said public uses for the new museum feature could include colorful lighting displays for St. Patrick’s Day and the annual Fiesta celebration.The museum is also due additional enhancements, including an overlook to Museum Plaza and informational panels, which are due to be completed by fall.

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