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Gaetz Gets Artsy

High school students across the country are currently submitting works of art to their local congressional representative. The art will be judged locally, with winning entries to the annual Congressional Art Competition displayed for one year in the U.S. capital building in Washington D.C.

In Northwest Florida, Rep. Matt Gaetz is accepting the student artwork, with hundreds of pieces reportedly already in. Students in the freshman congressman’s district have until March 30 to submit their artwork to his Pensacola office, located at 226 S. Palafox Pl.

Rep. Gaetz will also be hosting an awards reception April 21 at the Pensacola Museum of Art, where local finalists will be announced. The art submissions will be on display in the museum for a week prior to the reception.

Artwork selected by local judges will be recognized at an annual awards ceremony in Washington D.C. The winning works will also be displayed, along with the winning entries from congressional districts around the country, for a year in the U.S. capital.

Local judges are Maria Goldberg, marketing director for Great Southern Restaurants; Brian Jekel, resident artist at Pensacola Christian College; David Bear, of the Lewis Bear Company; Cara Roy, a Seaside Artist; K.C. Williams, gallery director with Mattie Kelly Arts Centers Galleries.

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