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Painted Parking Meters Missing

Painted parking meters have reportedly been taken from their spots in downtown Pensacola. The meters are part of the EscaRosa Coalition for the Homeless’s A Better Way to Give campaign, which raises money to provide services to the area’s homeless.

The Pensacola Police Department noted the missing meters on its Facebook page. The department — employing its social-media humor — requested that the meters be returned, and noted that no questions would be asked “This time,” as whoever took the meters was likely “not aware they were for such a worthy cause and are not a bad person.”

The full Facebook post from the police department follows:

(photo/ Pensacola Police Department’s Facebook page)

“Did your kid drag home a hand-painted parking meter? Maybe you’re a fan of pop art? This thing with Brad’s wife has you ready to rage against the machine? Whatever the reason, if you happen upon a meter, not necessarily painted like these, but hand-painted nonetheless, the owners would love to have them back. They are part of the EscaRosa Coalition for the Homeless’ “A Better Way to Give” campaign. The money collected in these meters provide services and needed items to those who are in a bad place.

So, in the spirit of giving, the Coalition has asked the meters to be returned. No questions asked. We are going to assume you were not aware that they were for such a worthy cause and are not a bad person. This time. Give the Coalition a call at 850.439.3009 or us at 850.435.1900. #pensacolasfinest #abetterwaytogive #amnestymeters #justiceforbradswife”

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