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Palafox Busking Recording Offers Audio ‘Polaroid’

by Jeremy Morrison

During the April 6 busking protest in downtown Pensacola, a field recording was made as musicians played along Palafox Street. The recording doesn’t focus on any particular performance, but offers instead a collective perspective that leans towards avant-garde.

Sean Peterson, a local musician and audio engineer at Pensacola Audio Documentation, took the opportunity of the protest — organized in opposition to a panhandling ordinance currently being considered for downtown — to go down Palafox with a handheld recorder. He then edited the recording down to about two minutes.

“It’s a simple snapshot of an event,” Peterson explained, “kind of like a Polaroid, grainy and blurry, but immediate and real.”

Peterson said that he plans to make numerous field recordings in the local area and intends to set up a Soundcloud site dedicated to the recordings. The recordings may also be incorporated into other projects, such as one the engineer is currently involved in dubbed The Possibility Wave.

“They can exist on their own,” Peterson said, “but I certainly may use them in some other way and they’ll definetly be available for others to use too.”

Peterson, during a recent The Possibility Wave performance at chizuko in Pensacola. (photo/ Mattea Black)


To learn more about Pensacola’s proposed panhandling ordinance and its impact on street performers, read “What Will Busking Look Like in Pensacola?”


To learn more about The Possibility Wave, click here.

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