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Panhandling Ordinance Triggers Downtown Business Boycott

A boycott of downtown Pensacola businesses has been organized in the wake of the Pensacola City Council’s decision to move forward with a proposed ordinance banning panhandling from the area.

According to a statement from the boycott’s organizers, the businesses are being targeted because of their location downtown and association with the Downtown Improvement Board, which is pushing for the proposed ordinance.

“The listed businesses are those that have vocally supported the recently passed first-reading of an anti-panhandling ordinance that forbids passive panhandling and street music in the so-called ‘Downtown Visitor’s District,’ a zone which encompasses most of the Downtown entertainment complex,” the boycott statement read, noting that more than 200 people had signed on to the boycott within 24 hours of its launch.

The downtown boycott is scheduled to run until the end of May. In its statement, organizers of the event noted that efforts were being made to identify businesses located in the downtown area that are not supportive of the proposed panhandling ordinance so that such businesses could be removed from the boycott list.

As of now, the boycott list is as follows:

Beef O’ Brady’s

New World Landing

The Vinyl Music Hall

Hopjacks Pizza Kitchen


Downtown YMCA

The Tin Cow

The Bodacious Olive and Bodacious Brew

Pot Roast and Pinot

O’Riley’s Irish Pub

Carmen’s Bistro

The Azalea

For more information on the downtown Pensacola boycott, click here.

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  • I'm sure these businesses are very nervous about those 200 people not patronizing their establishments. Not.