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New Alternative, Noiseheads Releases “Sitcoms For Aliens”

by Jeremy Morrison

The music of Noiseheads harkens back to a certain time and space, where growling vocals wrapped themselves in flannel and sipped coffee in the Seattle fog.  Guitarist Nick Gray recognizes the group’s touchstone of 90s alternative rock, but says the band strives to go beyond a celebration of a bygone genre.

“In pop culture there’s a lot of nostalgia-fueled ideas,” Gray said. “We try to subconsciously tap in to that time period, but it’s more organic than trying to sound like that.”

Noiseheads is guitarist Nick Gray, bassist Joe Gray and drummer Greg Nicholas. The Pensacola band’s brand of rock can most recently be found on their newly released album, “Sitcoms for Aliens.”

It’s a concept album of sorts.

“There’s a character that’s present through each song,” Gray described the band’s new work. “It goes through loss, to questioning yourself, to being at the bottom, to someone you love pulling you up from that.”

“Sitcoms for Aliens” is being released on CD, cassette tape and vinyl. The CD version contains a 16-page booklet, featuring artwork from Gray’s wife, Elizabeth. The album can be purchased online, or locally at Revolver Records.


While Noiseheads hails from Pensacola, the band doesn’t find itself playing local shows all that often.

“It’s a beachy town, island life — we don’t play that kind of stuff,” Gray said, adding that the group also doesn’t tend to gel with the local community of musicians. “It’s not because of any animosity or anything like that, we’ve just never fit into the scene here.”

Noiseheads has however found an enthusiastic community online. A global community hungry for the style of alt-rock-flavored music the band offers up.

“There is this group of people that are looking for that kind of music,” Gray said, noting that the band began to focus on creating videos to cater to this online, global audience.

The guitarist attributes the group’s success online with the fact that listeners in the web-based community can find exactly what they’re wanting. And, as it turns out, some of them are wanting alternative rock.

“There was this modern, online grunge movement that we got swept into,” Gray said. “We were seeing a lot more success online, as opposed to local.”

Gray said that he believes listeners, online or otherwise, are drawn to the style of music Noiseheads plays because of its intense nature. Like the alternative rock that filled the 1990s, the band’s work is full of emotion.

“I think there was a lot of true emotion that came of that and that is what people connect with,” the guitarist said.

To find out more about Noiseheads, click here or here.

To purchase the band’s new album, “Sitcoms for Aliens,” click here or visit Revolver Records in downtown Pensacola.

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