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Pensacola Joins in People’s Climate March

Environmentalists in Washington, D.C., as well as dozens of cities across the country, are taking to the streets April 29 for the People’s Climate March. The events highlight environmental concerns —coinciding with Donald Trump’s 100th day in office — and are meant to be a statement of opposition against the Trump Administration’s environmental policies, and a show of support for renewable energies.

Locally, environmental group 350 Pensacola is hosting a march near downtown Pensacola.

“This is our opportunity to raise awareness of the issue of climate change and the need to create a new economy and way of life using clean energy,” event organizer Sandra Adams said in a statement. “We know first-hand, as a coastal community, how climate change can be devastating to our local way of life as we see sea-levels rise, and the increase in major storms and floods.”

Looking ahead to the event, 350 member Christian Wagley said he expects a sizable crowd to participate in the march. Since Trump entered office, he explained, the group has seen a considerable uptick in meeting attendance and event participation.

“We call it the Trump Effect,” Wagley laughed.

The environmentalist noted that ultimately Tump could be seen as a positive element on the environmental front. Whereas a concept like climate change could be hard to digest in all its urgency, the new president and his policies could provide a more immediate visual.

“So often it takes that crisis to get people out and involved,” Wagley said. “In Trump I see that visible, tangible symbol — and he sends that signal that maybe climate change itself isn’t sending so clearly.”

The local People’s Climate March is scheduled for April 29, at 10 a.m. The march begins in the Long Hollow Park area and loops around downtown. For more information, click here. For information on the greater People’s Climate March movement, which began in 2014, click here.

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