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Hello Crescendo Returns with New Album and ‘Laser Focus’

by Jeremy Morrison

The guys in Pensacola-based Hello Crescendo describe the sound of their new album as “space rock.”

“You’re just kind of like blown into the atmosphere for a lot of the album,” explained guitarist Taylor Stoll.

The album — “Degenerator” — was recently unveiled at a release party at Union Public House in downtown Pensacola. It’s a project a longtime in the works.

“It took us over a year to get everything exactly like we wanted it,” said drummer Trey Stoll.

“Degenerator” is the freshmen effort from the Stoll brothers and bassist Ian Hill. The 7- track work features some local references, such as the song “Ponce De Leon,” and explores “an uncertain future.”

“Our views on society,” Taylor explained a loose theme, “and how it’s evolved in some places, but devolved in other places.”

The “Degenerator” album is the first public showing from Hello Crescendo in some time.   The group, first formed in 2010 with a few lineup shifts since, hasn’t played publicly in about 6 months, as the album was polished up and a home studio constructed.

photo/Hello Crescendo)

The album consist of songs written a while back. The band views it as a capsule of a certain moment in time, one in which they’re currently stretching beyond with more “laser focused” material.

“We’re feeling quite a bit different now than when we wrote these songs,” Trey said. “We’re kind of own a little bit different wavelength insofar as process.”

“We’ve all matured,” Taylor added. “It’s more of a collective process than it was.”

“We don’t have to force things,” Trey said.

During Hello Crescendo’s album release party, they played two sets. An earlier one showcasing the songs on “Degenerator,” and a later one featuring new material.

The band noted a difference in the mood between the two sets.

“It was kind of cool seeing how the crowd changed,” Trey said. “The people that stayed for both sets — the whole vibe changed.”

“It was a lot more energetic,” Taylor said.

Later on this year, Hello Crescendo intends to venture out on the road for a tour — “we want to go all the way, all the way around the U.S.” — but for now the band is working to promote its new album. The next opportunity to catch the group live locally will be a May 25 performance at chizuko in Pensacola.

For more information about Hello Crescendo, or the new “Degenerator” album click here.

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