Protest Song: Mass ‘Busking‘ Planned In Opposition to Pensacola’s Panhandling Ordinance

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  1. Abby M Roach says:

    I’m blown away that ya’ll are lumping street performers in with homeless population. They are NOT the same, and busking isn’t a “profession for homeless” as the current articles that have been coming out of Pensacola have been insinuating. I’ve been a professional street performer for a decade, and although I spent my time traveling, I am not homeless. The majority of my street performing partners here in Asheville NC are not homeless. This assumption makes it difficult to protect busking in other cities, makes it difficult for buskers to earn an income, and more. – Abby Roach – ABBY THE SPOON LADY President of the Asheville Buskers Collective and host of Busker Broadcast – busker FM radio

    1. jeremy morrison says:

      It’s not that street performers (buskers) are being categorized as homeless, it’s that such an activity is prohibited under the ordinance currently being considered.

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